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Runes Divination & Magic




2 Weeks


About the Course

Learn how to read, perform divination and do Magick with the Futhark Runes. CERTIFIED COURSE!*

Courses are available online one on one live session

  • *The historically correct background of the Runes*

  • *Understanding the meaning of the 24 Elder Futhark Runes*

  • *How to choose your first Rune set*

  • *Create your own Rune Spreads*

  • *Rune Pathworking and Meditation*

  • *Runic Sequences and Freestyle Spreads*

  • *Cast and connect with the Runes*

  • *Bind Runes*

  • *Runes Script*

  • *Healing with Runes*

  • *Runes Spell*

  • *Runes Talisman*

Your Instructor

Mannohar Chohaan

I’m Mannohar Chohaan from New Divine Temple and I am here to help you with your life aspect, life path, life purpose, career, and spirituality. I am blessed to have a deep psychic ability, spiritual connection, with the energies of the Tarot, Angels and other Divination Tools, have found it to be a powerful and effective divination tool for insight and reflection. I am into this profession for more than 15 years and blessed to have learnt all these skills from very Divine Guru of mine. My insights and teaching have served as an invaluable guide for my students and clients.

Runes is incredibly helpful in uncovering blockages, revealing their origin in the past and how those blockages are preventing you from living life to your fullest potential and what you can do to change the current path you are on.

I have developed psychic abilities in my own life and it brings me a deep satisfaction to be able to extend these gifts to you. I hope this help bring you validation, clarity and peace of mind. I offer many courses which help you in spirituality and occult, some of the courses are Professional Tarot Reading, Dowsing, Angel Therapy, Angel Magic, Runes Magic and Divination, Psychic Mediumship Development, Manifestation, Law of Attraction, many more.

Contact me: +91 8286563603 to Register for any of my course.

Blessed Be!!

Mannohar Chohaan
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