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New Divine Temple

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 I'm Mannohar Chohaan Founder of New Divine Temple blessed to have a deep psychic ability & spiritual connection, with the energies of the Tarot, Angels and other Divination Tools.


Here you can book appointment for Tarot reading, Mediumship & Angel healing session.


Also enroll for the new courses, I do offer many courses which help you in spirituality and occult, some of the courses are Professional Tarot Reading, Dowsing, Angel Therapy, Angel Magic, Runes Divination, Psychic Mediumship Development, Manifestation, Law of Attraction & many more. 

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

My Background

I’m Mannohar Chohaan from New Divine Temple and I am here to help you with your life aspect, life path, life purpose, career, and spirituality.With Full Gratitude to the Divine & my higher powers I’m a Psychic by birth & was able to sustain & enhance my Psychic abilities & develop all my Claire’s further with the help of Various Diviation tools being Tarot Angels Runes etc
Which I’m now ready to share this git with the world with full heart

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